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Appie Nouri is out from ICU

Appie Nouri, the youngster who had lost consciousness while taking part in a pre-season match for Ajax, has been reported to have come out of ICU after the improvement of his condition.

The reports say that Nouri does not have any problem in terms of breathing now, but he is still under the supervision of the doctors because the harm caused to his brain is pretty substantial.

It was quite a devastating incident for the entire Footballing fraternity.

Footballers as well as fans around the world were quite worried about the well-being of Nouri.

However now everyone would be relieved to know that his respiratory system is functioning normally and he is out of danger.

The Ajax squad is still finding it tough though to come to terms with the incident as they prepare for their season opener which happens to be a European Cup qualifier.

Addressing the press before that game, Marcel Keizer, the head coach of the team, said that there hasn’t gone a single day since that incident that the team hasn’t sat and talked about Nouri.

Everyone associated with the club is hurting with what the youngster has had to go through.

But, people who are hurting more than anyone else are Nouri’s family members and his close mates and it’s a time when they need a lot of love and support from all quarters.

The Ajax hierarchy has been in regular touch with them and is trying to provide them as much support as possible from their side.

However, as per Keizer, despite the fact that the players are grieving, they are still prepared for the challenge of the upcoming European game and they will be putting in their all to ensure that the club has a positive start to the season.



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