Romania Appeals Ban Ruling

The ban that was given on Spain and Romania in participating in the World Cup 2019 has been appealed against. Spain and Romania have lodged appeals against this ruling. As a result of this ruling that was based on ineligible players having been part of the games in Rugby Europe, the World Rugby foundation has suspended these countries from participating in the World Cup for five years.

The two countries are now appealing the ruling that was issued in May. Russia is now part of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Group A team in place of Romania. Continue reading “Romania Appeals Ban Ruling”

Romania Disqualified

Romania has been disqualified from Rugby World Cup 2019; the reason being that ineligible players were fielded and made to play. There was an investigation set up and conducted by World Rugby. In this investigation Romania, Spain and Belgium were found to have breached laws.

Players of Romania were found to lie dejected on the ground after they played but were finally disqualified. Russia has now taken its place. An investigation has been set up by this foundation that found players from countries; Spain, Belgium and Romania have been ineligible since they were players who had participated in seven or nine games in the Rugby Europe Championship of the second tier. As a result of the violation found the teams were deducted points. This leaves Russia who has now become qualified for the World Cup the second time. Continue reading “Romania Disqualified”

Howells Resigns From Romania

Lynn Howells, who was the former Wales coach and current in charge of the national rugby team of Romania, has stepped down from his role. He recently announced about resigning from the post of the head coach of the Oaks.

Along with Howells, his assistants have also left namely Massimo Cuttitta, the Italian forwards coach and Rob Moffat, the Scottish backs coach. The news was unveiled after the victory of Romania at 62-12 against Belgium in the World Cup qualifying match. Although the team did have a convincing victory, qualifying in the finals next year in Japan is a bit challenging for the team now. Continue reading “Howells Resigns From Romania”

Romania Promoted In Grand Prix Series

The 2nd round of the Rugby Europe Men’s 7 circuit was achieved by the national circuit rugby team in Siauliai after the success of Zagreb. The team made a comeback after a gap of 3 years in the elite continental rugby Grand Prix Series VII. The news was confirmed by the Romanian Rugby Federation.

The Oaks made their debut in Lithuania with a splendid victory with its opponents Latvia in 38-0. However, there was an unexpected defeat in front of Luxembourg of 22-24 which made the group end up in 2nd place post succeeding against Ukraine. The Romanian team successfully defeated Israel in the semifinals once more against Latvia with a victory this time of 40-0 so as to get 35-5 in the finals against Belgium. Continue reading “Romania Promoted In Grand Prix Series”

Gordas Makes A Comeback To CSM Bucharest

The Romanian international player Alexandru Gordas has signed a contract with the Rugby Team CSM until 2020. There are a whole lot of preparations going on for the new season by CSM Bucharest. The new season is likely to take place along with the King Cup matches.

There has been a great move made from tigers this time. Hence, they have been brought to join the group set by Lasha Tavartkiladze and Eugen Apjok on Florin Vlaicu from Steaua, Tangimana Fonovai from Timisoara Saracens, George Oprea from Baia and Stefan Cucos from Tomani Constanta. These members are joined by Alexandru Gordas, who has been the former player. This is one of the latest transfers done by the club in Bucharest. Continue reading “Gordas Makes A Comeback To CSM Bucharest”