BBC Reports The Hatred Of The Two Teams On Derby

A recent post on BBC report was seen describing the recent meeting of Olymapcos and Panathianaikos as flares, petrol bombs, firecrackers and fights day. They termed the beginning of the derby as “Derby of Hatred” as the day started with the fans attempting to torch coaches of their rival teams.

Neil Johnston, the BBC writer says that a game in March between Olymapcos and Panathianaikos, the coach of Panathianaikos, Yiannis Anastasiou crouched down to the touchline when an object that was thrown from the stands hit him. The March 2007 match had a fatal ending because of the unending clash between the two teams.

The article so written by Neil Johnston gives a detailed story of the clash between the two teams and the instances of violence inside and outside the stadiums. He wrote the British goalie of Panathianaikos’s comment after he was transferred for the summer to the club. Luke Steele said that his debut was like a cup tie away for Olympiacos. The match was very hostile and there were many flares. He flinched for the first time when a firecracker landed very close to him but then again one who plays on the team gets used to this as it is more like a religion to the fans and not just football.

Panos Polyzoides, the Greek journalist says that whether it is football, volleyball, basketball or water polo, the hatred between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos is very clear. He also mentioned the beating of a football fan that ended up being fatal in the Third Division game having 200 spectators.

The fans of Piraeus club expect a win as big as the win of Olympiacos over the Italians on Wednesday. After the victory at the Champions League, the fans all over the Karaiskakis stadium put forward their demand to destroy the Greens on field. They even want the revenge for the loss of Panathinaikos on home grounds.

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