25 thoughts on “Best of MLS 2012…So Far

  1. I’m disappointed in the lack of Earthquakes clips! Especially when there are 40 damn clips worth of goals to choose from!

  2. Although I’m not an SKC supporter…I think the best part of this video was the Kamara and Sapong St. Patty’s day dance. The timing with the chorus was perfect. Haha. Love it.

  3. Man, Kroenke doesn’t spend s*** on Arsenal!! Why do you think we haven’t won anything in nearly a decade?!? 🙁

  4. Boo… Michael Farfan’s assist to McInerney against Toronto is a great highlight for dribbling and finishing. That should be on here.

  5. I’m going to take the Ricky Bobby approach here.

    If you don’t like MLS….. then fuck you.

  6. We also have a owner with LOTS of money, too bad he spends it all on Arsenal, and not the Rapids…

  7. I saw the save, but that wasn’t for more then 1 second…
    We have fans? Since when? When was the last time we packed our stadium? Never…

  8. Wondo’s salute to the troops was fantastic, 17 goals on the season, on the way to the MLS Golden Boot.

  9. Haha yea its gonna take some time. At least DC is heading up, We got some new owners with some money….hopefully we can finally get a new stadium. Been a couple of hopeless years now. Its time for a change. I love the rivalries in MLS. But we all the teams dont step up, it wont be able to compete with the rest of the world.

  10. some of the girls that go to the games are hot, thats the only reason i would ever go to an mls game.

  11. We need to fix out our office first, before we will be able to do anything. (We just won the Cup a few years ago…. Then we fired our coach because our office “clashed” with him…)

  12. This is a joke right? I like the MLS as well, but “Barclays games it’s just o boring for me”… WAT

  13. I just love the excitement in Mls games I mean when I watch Barclays games its just to boring for me but there’s just something about Mls that makes me love this league

  14. dont worry they gonna comeback. I remember when DC was eating shit for about 3 years, but now look at us, tearing shit up. I like the rapids, they gonna comeback, just not this season.

  15. Hahaha look at Emirates Cup 2011. NY Red Bulls were champions. At that point in the season they weren’t even in the playoff picture. They beat an english team (arsenal), a south american team, and another team I forget which (maybe PSG)

  16. let’s be frank the football played in america is pretty lackluster, but the league has some sort of magic and all the games have great atmosphere………I love it !

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