23 thoughts on “FC Barcelona AMAZING Tiki-Taka Skills in Training

    Although Red Star has more history than chelsh!t but I will give u that pla$tic. 😉

  2. yah yah chelsh!t won 1 CL while we won 3 out of last 7 with POSSESSION. Wanna guess who also won 1 UCL? RED STAR BELGRADE.
    CHELSH!T= RED STAR BELGRADE although RED STAR has more history than chelsh!t. 😉

  3. He is right though. you have to be just as good to park the bus and maintain a tight shape than keep possesion and pass the ball around the pitch.The reason why barcelona didnt beat chelsea is because they dont have any players that were willing to test Cech from outside the box! they felt the need to pass around the box and try to slip people through and chelsea snuffed that out and played on the counter and in hindsight it worked perfectly

  4. and yet the “basics” wins them the Champions League 🙂 not the possession :p

  5. No mate am a MU fan but if u say chelsea always play negative football means u have never watched premiership

  6. The best part is that Pinto is just as good as the rest of the team and he is a goalkeeper.

  7. thats funny because when barca cheated to beat chelsea in the semi’s i remember chelsea completely smashing the cheats to pieces. go back to listening to bieber you media controlled twat.

  8. the guy who picks who the officials are in every european match is from spain & suddenly la liga apparently is stronger then the premier league, suddenly spain win 3 major international trophys? open your eyes it happens in every sport! take a look at f1 for example…..

  9. If it wasn’t for Messi’s penalty miss and Barca’s mediocre performance, they would easily have gone through. Two matches are just way too few to say if that style of football work

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