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Gerard Pique wants to be president of Barcelona

When football players eventually have to up hang up their boots and retire from playing at a competitive level, what they usually do is either become a manager or just relax from the world of football and spend the rest of their respective life with their family.

Gerard Pique on the other hand appears to be taking or wants to take a different path as the Spanish defender of Barcelona has recently stated his desire to become the president of the Catalan club after his time in the pitch runs out.

“I want to be president of Barca. It is the step I would like to take when I retire. I don’t see myself as a coach; I don’t think I would enjoy it that much. I could do very well for this club as president because it is my passion. My playing career will one day come to an end and the step I’d like to take is to become Barcelona president.” Barcelona’s Gerard Pique said.

Gerard Pique is 29 years old and he is still expected to continue performing with Barcelona for a few more years before retiring but the experienced defender is already thinking about what he is planning to accomplish in the long term and instead of taking the usual rote or becoming a manager or just taking a step down from football in general, one of his dreams or intentions is to become the president of the club that he has been performing with since 2008.

Javier Zanetti is a former Inter Milan player who spent around 19 years performing with the Italian club and after retiring, he opted to become the vice-president of Inter Milan and this is the path that Gerard Pique wants to take with Barcelona.

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