25 thoughts on “Inter Milan Vs. AC Milan – Serie A | Full Highlights – 2012

  1. how can you say milan most ridiculed in the world
    milan king of europe
    Oh weak
    milan honor for ITALY in europe

    forza milan forever

  2. I’m Inter, but I should back up the Rossoneri against this statement, Real Madrid have 9 Champion Leagues, Yes Impresive, Milan have 7 really good to, but did you know that milan have 30 more titles then madrid? The most titled team in the world my friend

  3. Grande grande grande inter…almeno abbiamo vinto i derby quest’anno!!!e alla grande….sempre e solo INTER!!!

  4. Lucho93062 soy italiano, pero hablo español.
    La verdad es que Guarín ha jugado muy poco para poder tener una idea de su bravura, habrá que esperar el año que viene para verle en acción.
    Saludos desde Madrid e sempre FORZA INTER

    p.s. Grande Cordoba!

  5. haha inter europa league for you epic faaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. I’m an Interista, but i still don’t think the all crossed the line. Also, if you look at how many fake penalties Milan gets, they should be playing in Serie B!!!

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