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Manchester United sealed their 4th successive Premier League win

Manchester United sealed their 4th successive Premier League win on March 22 as the team of Louis van Gaal claimed a 2-1 victory when playing against Liverpool in Anfield.

This recent string of positive results has stopped the pressure and criticism that was building up surrounding Manchester United and Louis van Gaal. The Dutch manager was constantly being placed under heavy fire for some of his tactical decisions but it seems like things are starting to take a turn for the better as the team has shown a significant improvement and it has been showed on the pitch.

MarouaneFellaini believes that his team is playing beautiful football as the Belgian midfielder praised the way that the rest of his teammates have been performing recently.

‘’Our system is based on many good players.We play a beautiful football. We play forward, scoring, putting on pressure. There are great players around.”Fellaini told the media.

Manchester United is fighting for a Champions League spot and is located in the 4th spot of the Premier League having only one point less than Arsenal which is positioned in the 3rd place.

The Premier League is reaching it’s final stages with less than 3 months remaining before a champion can be announced and there have been certain players in the squad of Louis van Gaal that are making an impact in these last few weeks, one of these players is Juan Mata as the Spanish midfielder scored twice against Liverpool as he helped Manchester United in securing a crucial victory but there are other players who are struggling and are rumored to be exiting Old Trafford at the end of the season and this is the case of Angel Di Maria as well as RadamelFalcao.

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