25 thoughts on “Minecraft Megabuild – Inter/AC Milan Football Stadium ‘San Siro’ – Part 1 –

  1. use the show above the comments section and go to the final part in it’s series. The final part always has the download.

  2. Hi @ITStheMARKEY please can you make SanTiago BArnabeu Satdium? or Benfica Stadium? (benfica satdium -> Estadio da Luz)

  3. haha i did and it’s really cool plus my favorite team is inter! i already liked and subscribed 😀

  4. It may be windows because since yesterday I’ve been updating windows, direct x and a lot of other things and now it’s just not working so I’ll give it another re-install and if that doesn’t work i’ll have to look at other programs.

  5. @ITStheMARKEY I have had trouble with my sony vegas aswell apparently to fix it you have to uninstall it and reinstall it again, and if that doesn’t work the only other option people have taken is a system reinstall with windows because apparently what ive been reading is it is a windows update that has messed with the registry of sony vegas and thats where the problem is. So theres 2 options the latter is not an option for me so im gonna try the reinstall of sony vegas when i get the chance.

  6. They aren’t all the same, from middle its, 13,stairs,13,stairs,15,stairs. It goes like that either side from the middle. But it depends on how big the stadium your doing, but I made them up random when I was making the stadium because I needed to see if there were stairs in-between them higher up.

  7. MCedit, put it in google and it’s the first option and you can find tutorials on youtube for it.

  8. No can do, I only build the stadiums which end up the winner on my request stadium videos after the stadiums are done.

  9. I will be building another stadium, but in a few months time, I’ll let everyone know with a video about it at the time.

  10. I speak Spanish and do not quite understand, but understanding that only teams build stadiums very famous and just starting the San Siro. So what then will build, or not what you do?

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