19 thoughts on “Minecraft Megabuild – Inter/AC Milan Football Stadium ‘San Siro’ – Part 11 –

  1. Thanks, also sorry but I have to stick by the system I currently do my stadiums as only because it’s fair. If it wasn’t fair then there’d be a lot of hating going on between people and I can’t have that.

  2. If you listened to the video you’d know that I said I don;t take requests until the stadium is done.

  3. you deserve so much more views even thought it is good to be able to ask you questions.
    P.S could you build fir park next. Nice and easy stadium to build

  4. I did some work on my stadium, and it looks pretty much like yours :D!
    If you remember, I was the one doing this legit.

  5. You put so much time into your youtube channel love you mate keep up the great work

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