25 thoughts on “Minecraft Megabuild – Inter/AC Milan Football Stadium ‘San Siro’ – Part 5 –

  1. I do remember you from the stream, I’m doing a 24 hour stream on wednesday, will be a vid on it when I got the time to make it, I could probably Like it and post it on my twitter/FB, not many fans though. But it would get a small amount of promoting. I can only really do it like this because like you others ask and It wouldn’t be fair to pick 1 out from the crowd.

  2. Hey Lewis, I’m sure you remember me from last nights stream and I want you to do another. I am also planning on designing and building a football stadium of my own and maybe uploading it to youtube. Could you check it out when it is complete and if you like it maybe promoting it? Thanks.

  3. I have done Old Trafford and Camp Nou but I didnt timelapse them so there’s no timelapse like this for them.

  4. This stadium is just amazing, Make a Old Trafford one please? If you haven’t already, (Liked And Subbed!)

  5. maybe tonight, ill probably explain it when i get home and do the next update on san siro.

  6. LOL You just posted the bulletin saying: If you haven’t seen it, here’s the latest camp nou update. 

  7. Nice ! It’s a good idea to make seats before make pitch. I did’nt do that for my Stade de France and I think I should have done it !

  8. jilhugkyjtfhrdeskolp[;liouhgyhntb sorry i was just wiping the jizz off my keyboard

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