9 thoughts on “Minecraft Megabuild – Inter/AC Milan Football Stadium ‘San Siro’ – Part 9 –

  1. Like I say to everyone else who asks, it isn’t fair for me to do a stadium that’s just asked of so what I do is when I’ve finished a stadium I put up a vid asking for requests then I’ll let you know in the vid whether I go for a random or most voted stadium. Then I’ll build the winner. I give it 2 months to get requests because I want a break from stadiums. I do it like this because it’s fair and gives all stadiums a chance to be built, not just the well known.

  2. Very nice ! I’m the Stade de France’s builder, I think you remember me ! :p Now, I’m building the Emirates Stadium and I’ve juste finished seats. I’m going to make the roof and I’ll make the inside and the outside of the stadium later. When I’ll finish it, I’ll send you the presentation’s video. 😉

  3. do you think with the new world hight coming in 1.2 this and camp nou will be in the city life map?

  4. sorry i had to leave the livestream so quickly! had to go to bed 🙂 hope you had fun and enjoy the sleep!

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