Ryad Boudebouz is Having His Day

Though football is played everywhere in the world, but it’s more famous in Algeria than in other countries. There are two leagues organized by the country in two dimensions or in other words in two ways, where the first one is the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle and the second is named as Algerian Ligue Professionnelle and this is further which is taken care of the Football Federation of Algeria. It always comes up with some controversy or big news for its football games and players (or coaches).

Algerian Ryad Boudebouz was definitely having quite a day on this Saturday but was this time sent earlier in the victory of his side which by the scorecard was 4 – 1 in the club tournament of Spain. Levante took the control of the game from the starting and in spite of that the score of Jose Morales in first twenty minutes only but at the 40th minute itself, the player doubled with the help of a header. Even the matters went from bad to worse condition for Celta Vivo when they suffered because a red card was given and the total numbers of players have been reduced.

Another old yet fresh incident was when Algeria coach Leicester winger Riyad Mahrez got into a verbal fight with a local journal who had asked Mahrez about Algeria’s recent(of that time in 2017) performances and their campaign about qualifying. Algeria couldn’t win a single match in Group B; they just ended the campaign with 2 points only. Eventually, things cooled down enough but it was definitely an accus. Recently it made another highlight when the Algeria international player Yacine Benzia was omitted from the squad of the team during the Turkish season of the football. It will be interesting to see how the team fares out.

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