18 thoughts on “SPAIN vs ROMANIA (RUGBY EUROPE CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 Round 2)

  1. AM ARATAT CINE E ROMANIA!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))MAI ARATAM SI CU RUSIA???

  2. Useless happy of Spain
    First of all there were more french players than spanish and second,I've didn't saw fairplay in their game…I've didn't enjoyed it …it wasn't a beautiful game,Spain's lack of fairplay destroyed it

  3. a great result against Romania. Spain started well and were able to extend the lead without repost against a flat Romanian team on this occasion.

  4. de cativa ani florin vlaicu face figuratie nu se implica deloc mai rateaza si multe lovituri

  5. That Ref speaks at least 3 languages and probably more. Most players speak at least two. Extraordinary. Watching from insular little Australia that is remarkable.

  6. Muy bien! Aprendamos en el futbol a no pitar los himnos de los rivales y respetarles!!!!

  7. Spain did not win a good game, but Romania lost its low disciplinary and stupid mistakes. Spain won the match in the first 10 minutes and Romania should blame themselves. I'm sure Romania would have been disciplined and did not get stupid penalties, Spain had no chance of winning. If Romania will continue to play in such low quality in the future, the World Cup will remain a dream. Spain expects hell in Tbilisi

  8. F. Vlaicu ma scz tata dar ai fost varza, ai talie de pilier si nu ai dat o percutie sa iti fie rusine ai inceput sa mergi pe varfuri ti se cam urca vedetismul la cap. Atat trebuia sa faceti ieri sa aduceti o victorie din Spania sa va calificati direct in Japonia.
    RUSINE …!!!

  9. Muy buen partido España!!! Cada vez menos para cumplir la meta. Saludos desde Argentina!!!

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