Anelka explains why he initiated with Arsenal instead of PSG

As a youth player, Anelka opted to join PSG but the Frenchman did not take a very long time performing with Paris Saint-Germain as he would later join Arsenal for a fee of €500,000 and this was the first professional contract that Anelka signed.

From there on out, Nicolas Anelka went on to make 65 appearances while scoring 23 games and it was during this time that he spent performing at the Emirates Stadium where he started to earn recognition and attract the attention from top European clubs.

After having spent 2 years wearing the jersey of Arsenal FC, Nicolas Anelka made a move to Real Madrid which is where his time was mostly spent on the sidelines as a substitute player. This is something that happens on a regular basis with many highly- rated performers in the world of football.

The retired attacker has talked about why he opted to make a move to Arsenal in the early stages of his career instead of agreeing terms with PSG which was his club during his youth career and even though PSG offered him a contract, Anelka decided to join the Premier League club Arsenal. Continue reading “Anelka explains why he initiated with Arsenal instead of PSG”